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Can the X-ray machine tell if i’m pregnant?

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LAX. 🤷‍♀️📢
Overheard by Anonymous 📥

Guy walkine down the street

Outside of Trader Joe’s. 93rd and Columbus. ✌️🐶
Overheard by @imgreen23 📥

I wish there was a nice way to explain to my friend

**Your bed is where your dreams happen and your memories are made. A safe space that gets complicated when you invite people into it. Excited to partner with our friends @ParachuteHome. Check out our Story for some NY “Bedtime Stories”. 🌚🛌 Girl. Dinner Party. West Village. 🏙🏡
Overheard by Anonymous 📥

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I dated a girl that had 39 pairs of yoga pants.

Alphabet City Beer Company. East Village. 🤔🙏
Overheard by @breannaleereynolds

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